JEU025 / DEO & Z-MAN / Southpole EP

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A1 Relentless Wilderness (Original Mix)
A2 Relentless Wilderness (Eddie C Remix)
B1 Bocko Schons (Original Mix)
B2 Bocko Schons (Zombies in Miami)

Deo & Z-man are back on JEUDI records with their second contribution to the label.
And once more they are proving their uniqueness in the scene. When they are
locked away in the studio they are making music without taking care about whats
happening in the outside world. The two brothers have grown up in a professional
musical surrounding and with a solid hip hop background are delivering an inspiring
2 tracker here. For these guys we of course needed some remixers with the same
approach and specialness to their musical output. Correspondant’s own Zombies in
Miami who’s latest release “Love On The Rocks” grabbed a lot of attention and
Eddie C with frequently appearances at Panorama Bar, Berlin releasing on Mule
Musiq and Endless flight. Enjoy the 25th edition from JEUDI Records.

A Relentless Wilderness ( Original Mix )

The endless search for the love of your life in the relentless wilderness of the club
night life. But the beat keeps us driving and we go on searching. Acid lines, dark
grumbling atmospheres and pads, and the best german accent vocals you have ever
listened to. This tunes has a lot to give to keep us going.

A2 Relentless Wilderness ( Eddie C Remix )

The Canadian born Eddie C delivers an extraordinary raw version here. His long
time experience and knowledge of electronic music, sampling, hip hop and love for
record digging in full effect.

B1 Bocko Schons ( Original Mix )

The track to give your night the push for the transition into another sphere. Raw and
the proof that you can use the steel drum without sounding tropical cheesy.

B2 Bocko Schons ( Zombies in Miami )

Zombies in Miami are giving the track a little more room to breathe with their typical
techno influenced dark attitude. Showing off the more spacious, dreamy side of the