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A1 Susurrus (Original Mix)
A2 Susurrus (Birds Of Paradise Remix)
B1 Nightmare (Original Mix)
B2 Nightmare (Kris Davis Remix)

Our catalogue number 24 is a very emotive one with a clear focus on the dancefloor
but also for your great listening pleasure. The “Srrusus” EP is featuring the young
Dutch German talent Raphael Hofman. The berlin based producer already has a rich
experience starting at the tender age of 16 hosting his own electronic club series,
Djing as well as singing and playing the guitar.

His musicality and talent in producing beautiful soundscapes and rhythmic structures
finds expression on this smooth 2 tracker, the “Susurrus” EP.

The remixes are coming from two very promising newcomers. Portsmouth own Kris
Davis stirring up the underground with his emotive, analog crafted techno since 2014
as well as Bird Of Paradise, who has recently fast tracked to prominence via his
output on correspondant and New Yorks “Throne Of Blood”.

Surrusus opens this release with a sunrise. Vanishing soundscapes leading to a
synth melody that hits your heart and carries you evolving throughout this tune with a
straight honest techish groove keeping it together.

Bird of Paradise’s version is bringing “Surrusus” to a different level. Moviish
soundscapes paired with a demanding acid line. The groove is a unique mix of
80ish elements and modern percussive parts which will surely find his

Nightmare is not so nightmarish as it’s title. It’s more a hymn dedicated to those who
can’t stop dancing till dawn. Dark but not gritty. Driving but still with the regard for the
morning hours as well as droppable in the prime time hours.

Kris Davis already has a very distinctive trademark sound which you can find in his
interpetation of “Nightmare”. Emotive, deep and ambient but not loosing paying
attention to the crowd. A great piece.

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