JEU022 / VARIOUS ARTISTS / The Remixes Vol. 1

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A1 Doctor Dru – Proper Lane (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix)
A2 Cheap Picasso – Don t Play Around (Manik Remix)
B1 Bambook – Tow The Line (Camea Remix)
B2 Bambook – Träume (Quina Remix)

Welcome to the Vol I. of our brand new series “The Remixes”. This series will
showcase some of our prior released treasures in a complete new identity. One of
the opportunities you can not let slip asking some of our favourite producers for their
creative input and contribution to JEUDI.

A1 Doctor Dru – Proper Lane (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix)

Where Dru’s original is a deep and melancholic piece Maxxis version is showing us
the uplifting part of being melancholic. Bouncing house steps combined with his
signature fat and brassy sound design result in a well designed hymn for the peak
time hours.

A2 Cheap Picasso – Don’t Play Around (Manik Remix)

US producer and DJ MANIK always sticks out with his classy works. Cheap
PIcassos “Don’t Play Around” was a very well recepted piece working the floors all
over. MANIK strips down the original to it’s very essentiell elements. Giving his
version a rougher, very oldschoolish vibe.

B1 Bambook – Tow The Line Ft. Name One (Camea Remix)

Ambient noise. Grinding, distorted pads. Bpitch control’s Camea delivers a dark
approach. It’s soaking you in and not letting you go.

B2 Bambook – Träume Ft Name One (Quina Remix)

The brand new Stockholm/Miami based production team Quina just signed their first
track to Guy Gerber’s Rumors. On JEUDI they are giving “Träume” (german for
“Dreams”) their very own dreamy treatment. For us it’s the perfect track for sunrises
and late hours

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