JEU019 / DEO & Z-MAN / Thugs Lake EP

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A1 We Can’t Go Back (Original Mix)
A2 Chanel Affairs (Original Mix)
B1 1980 (Original Mix)
B2 Chanel Affairs (Bostro Pesopeo Remix)

The 19th release of JEUDI showcases Deo & Z-Man, one of the highly respected
duos of the German underground club scene. It was a special heart wish for us to
have them on board of the JEUDI ship as we are in love for their very own and
unique sound since a long time.

Deo & Z-Man are bloodbrothers from Hamburg with Italian roots. They grew up
influenced by different styles from Hip-Hop over Psyrock to Italopop. Now they
blend everything in an inconceivable and multifaceted way. Known for impressing
live sets, enthusiastic dj gigs and innovative production skills, they never dedicated
themselves to a single genre but preserved their extraversion to any kind of quality
music. That let their spread expand and makes them sound unique and fresh within
the house universe.

Deo & Z-Man’s Thug Lake EP doesn’t need much to impress here. Minimalistic
groove work with ease, excitement and happiness. No darkness involved.
A constant backflash of pictures. Past party memories, your last trip to Paris,
getting drunk, dancing in the streets. Every tune tells another story with a modern
twist and the spirit of the old school of the 90s wave. Permanent Vacation’s Bostro
Pesopeo delivers the dark techish moment here with his absolutely impressive
interpretation of the tune Chanel Affairs. People went nuts during our testdrives.
Check it yourselves!